ZAMBROS was born from an encounter of people, stories, ideals, intuitions. Achieving well-being and serenity also through elegance and style is a conviction of Ines who manages this company focusing on attention to detail and the search of beauty. Obtaining balance and harmony thanks to courageous choices and unusual paths is a certainty of Roberto who studies innovative solutions and procedures and experiments with advanced technologies. ZAMBROS’ mission starts from its name (“ambrotos” in Greek for “going further”) and grows into a challenge: to create ultra-premium CBD-based products to offer natural and healthy relaxation and help people feel better about themselves and with others. A competent and passionate couple who work every day in the cultivation rooms, laboratories and offices to achieve the highest levels of quality and excellence. A company with deep roots and branches projected towards the future.


ZAMBROS is Meta Agros, it is Italian, it is premium, it is beyond.


We specialize in indoor cultivation of sativa hemp using a hydroponic system. We process the noblest inflorescences and select the finest extracts and derivatives. We offer CBD-based products in compliance with the current Law 242/2016 and subsequent Legislative Decree 75/2018. We directly and carefully take care of all stages of production: cultivation, pruning, trimming, cold drying, packaging, sales and shipping. We adopt innovative, meticulous and ecologically responsible techniques to achieve the highest levels of excellence, integrity and safety.


We turn every gesture into quality.


ZAMBROS is well-being, it is balance, it is style, it is sensitivity.

We have a clear and precise goal at heart: to help people enjoy moments of well-being and serenity. We aim to go beyond standards and clichés to offer unique and unforgettable relaxation experiences. We strive every day to make ultra premium, safe and natural products. We constantly strive for quality, innovation and precision with the utmost rigor. We want to make everything we do more elegant, more refined, more beautiful.

We turn every instant into a moment.


ZAMBROS is personal, it is unique, it is comfortable, it is discreet.


We make and distribute four categories of excellence: premium flowers, reed diffusers, drops and gumdrops. We offer CBD-based products in compliance with the current Law 242/2016 and subsequent Legislative Decree 75/2018. We only handle small batches and select only the highest quality raw materials and derivatives. We package our items in durable and recyclable containers made of the best materials to filter light frequencies and ensure integrity of aromas and flavors. We design exclusive packaging with elegant designs, clear labels and precise dosages. We guarantee easy e-commerce channels, secure payments and fast and discreet shipping.


We turn every product into an experience.


ZAMBROS is innovative, it is professional, it is safe, it is reliable.


We use efficient and modern hydroponic, environmentally friendly and energy-saving fully indoor above-ground growing systems to produce inflorescences with the highest levels of quality, care and cleanliness. We choose only state-of-the-art equipment, next-generation LED professional horticulture lighting systems, electronically controlled fertigation, targeted microclimate management, air exchange and recirculation. We use only containers made 100% in Italy from virgin BPA free, fully recyclable, thick ABS virgin plastics that ensure integrity, drainage and maximization of the cultivated space. We employ precision irrigation diffuser devices, optimizing water use and distribution and maintaining a healthier, pathogen-free environment. We grow our inflorescences in microperforated anti-spiraling pots that allow efficient oxygen exchange between the substrate and the environment. We also directly follow the cold drying process with gentle and safe treatment, ensuring better organoleptic quality of the product and more effective sanitization.


We turn every processing into excellence.


100 mq

Area of the two growing rooms


Valuable plants of Acapulco Gold and Candy Kush varieties


Water savings with hydroponic technique compared to soil culture


State-of-the-art LED horticulture lamps with energy savings of up to 90%.


Ultra premium, vegan, gluten free products with recyclable packaging